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Over the past few years there has been a major rise in the social acceptability and desire for hemp derived products amongst consumers.  With Medical Marijuana being legalized in many states throughout the country and the growing use of hemp derived cannabinoid products, consumers are looking for new approaches for both recreational and therapeutic uses of a long stigmatized plant.  

Our mission at Flowered Wellness is to provide an educational and lifestyle support system to ensure that customers completely understand the benefits of Hemp and Medical Cannabis, how to effectively use it, and know how to choose the right product for their needs.  Book an appointment today!

Get started today by filling out a discovery form and talking to our licensed certifier.  Become a patient in the NYS Medical Marijuana Program and access a safer and more regulated market.


Discover the other side to Cannabis through our collaborative partnerships.  Select from a group of local practitioners specializing in a variety of wellness services focused on recovery, stress management, skincare, and more.  


Hand selected, locally made, and third party lab tested Cannabis products derived from Hemp.  Flowered Wellness offers safe and effective products to ensure that you are receiving all of the benefits that nature intended with this plant.

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With a welcoming and comfortable environment, through our Cannabis Care Collaborative we’ve brought together a team of cannabis care consultants and wellness professionals specializing in a diverse range of body systems and emotional health.

The highest-quality, lab-tested wellness and lifestyle products derived from hemp.

Explore the Endocannabinoid system and all of its benefits at Flowered Wellness today.


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Whether you’re looking for help with an acute condition or chronic pain, wondering if you qualify for the New York State Medical Marijuana Program, or simply trying to live a better life, Flowered Wellness takes the guesswork out of cannabis care.

Book an initial consultation and find out how Cannabis can become an integral part of your care and wellness plan.



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True Holistic Care

Our mission is to continue to grow a community that educates and supports consumers when navigating the field of Cannabis products and services.  We are a Cannabis Care Collaborative focused on client-centered wellness.

David and James continue to provide a comfortable therapeutic Cannabis environment with hospitality in mind and where the client comes first.

Through an understanding of the Endocannabinoid System, offering holistic wellness services, and by showcasing the highest quality products, we empower our clients with the necessary information needed when seeking all therapeutic forms of Cannabis.  

David Deutsch & James Frisicaro (Co-Founders of Flowered Wellness)

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