Provided by Hemp Experts in New York State

Our Cannabis Concierge service consists of fully educated and certified hemp experts in New York State, who have spent endless amounts of time researching the hemp plant and familiarizing themselves with the many products that we carry.  This allows our team to properly and accurately address each and every individual need and desire with the most up-to-date information and guidance.

Personalized Product Selection

The cannabis market is constantly expanding.  Today’s dispensaries offer a huge array of all kinds of cannabis products including raw flower, gummies, tinctures and so much more.  Further, products come in different milligram strengths, formulas and configurations of chemical compounds derived from the plant material.  Don’t get us wrong – selection is always a good thing.  However, it is natural that those who are still new to the market can feel puzzled when looking for a product aimed at targeted relief.  We work with you to choose the absolute best products for your needs after listening closely to your specific goals.

Emphasis on Safety and User-Friendliness

We prioritize safety and user-friendliness, and our concierge service will work with you to ensure that you are taking cannabis in only the safest way, as well as in a way that is easy to maintain on a daily basis with minimal effort of complication.

In-Person, Over the Phone, or Over Video Conference

Our Cannabis Concierge can be taken advantage of in person at our Orchard Park location.  You can also enjoy a session over the phone or through video chat if this is more convenient for you.



Get to Know Cannabis Concierge by Flowered Wellness

The Service 

Our Orchard Park, New York location offers a full-service experience with medical marijuana certifications and hemp-based products to address a wide range of needs, in addition to a well rounded offering of mind, body, and wellness services..  Still, many people who walk through our doors simply aren’t sure where to begin.  Our Cannabis Concierge offers friendly, one-on-one service to anyone who needs some help getting started when it comes to building a successful cannabis regimen and understanding your options fully.

The hemp industry can be as dazzling as it is intimidating to first-time and relatively inexperienced users.  With so much information to learn, such as dosing guides, delivery methods and individual compounds of the hemp plant that offer unique properties, simply choosing the best product for one’s specific goals can be a challenge.

Flowered Wellness is not only committed to providing the very best hemp products possible, but also ensuring that each and every customer of ours has a complete understanding of what they’re buying, how to take it and what it can provide.  That’s why we are proud to offer our Cannabis Concierge, which is a service in which we work closely with individual customers to ensure that they purchase the best products for their needs and have a full understanding of how to use them properly to get the most personalized and effective results possible.

We don’t expect all of our customers to enter our store with an existing understanding of what the hemp plant is capable of.  There is tons of research out there regarding the individual effects of specific cannabis compounds, and we use this research as a foundation for educating our customers so that they know what is possible when using our products.  Customers may be surprised by just how many specific goals can be addressed with individual compounds taken in specific forms.

Not only do we excel at choosing products for individual needs, but we will also thoroughly walk you through the process of setting up a routine so that you can get as much use out of your products as possible.  We offer comprehensive guidance when it comes to dosing amounts, frequency of dosing, timing of dosing and so much more, as all of these factors can heavily influence the results that you experience.  Our team knows the individual properties of the hemp plant, and how to maximize each one for success.

As each client has their own unique needs and level of experience, we offer a variety of package options.  We want you to feel like your needs are being heard, no matter how long it takes or what that entails. 

We are here to ensure that our clients all experience customized care for a successful cannabis routine.  Our Cannabis Concierge service is an affordable and extremely friendly way to learn more about cannabis and come up with a regimen that is highly personalized.  Set up an appointment today to get started or call us to learn more about what this service can do for you.

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