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Cannabis Concierge Packages

Product Description

What is Cannabis Concierge?

Cannabis Concierge is a unique hands-on personal service that we provide that eases your entry into the world of cannabis. A professional liaison is provided to answer questions, explain procedures and educate you on products and services.

Begin With A Free Discovery Phone Call:

Speak with our experienced Cannabis Care Coordinator directly in order to understand your options further.  Let us explain to you what this new world of Cannabis has to offer.


Cannabis Concierge Full Spectrum Package


This comprehensive service includes the following:

Cannabis Product Consultation

There is an extensive quantity and variety of cannabis and hemp products on the market today.

Discuss, ask questions and find out the details of:

  • Delivery systems (ex. tincture, oil, flower, etc.)
  • Potency, dosage and product assessment 
  • Effects, side effects and managing expectations


NYS Medical Marijuana Program Prep Session

Learn the ins and outs of the New York State Medical Marijuana Program:

  • Facilitating the NYS Medical Marijuana Registration Process
  • How to get your NYS Medical Marijuana License and ID Card
  • Evaluate your needs with regard to your current care plan and providers
  • Coordination with certification provider(s)
  • Access to personal Cannabis Concierge 

Add-On Packages

Cannabis Dispensary Liaison Package

  • Flowered Wellness offers an add on Liaison package that enhances our clients ability to utlize the medical program more effectively.  Have our concierge accompany to a local dispensary in order to provide hands on support, education, and guidance throughout the experience.  You can have someone there right beside you that understands the complexity of Cannabis therapeutics and can answer all of your questions

Cannabis Business Consultation Package

  • We have been fortunate to have been able to cultivate this business in a grey market over the past few years and be successful at it.  Our experience, knowledge, and expertise spans a wide range of areas related to small business development.  Set aside an hour to speak with an industry professional that can answer the basic questions about getting into this industry, whether that is as a retailer, distributor, cultivator, or another type of entrepeneur that is simply looking for your entry point.  We are here to help and love the concept of business incubation.  It is what has drawn us to creating our Cannabis Care Collaborative in the first place.



  • Initial Intake Interview: 20 minutes

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