Diverse Disciplines for Cannabis Care

Flowered Wellness offers a unique and comprehensive suite of services and support systems designed to empower you to take informed action toward better health and wellness through cannabis. We’ve also developed a strong network of like-minded professionals in the Buffalo area, so we’re well-positioned to refer you to others who can support you on your way to improved wellness. We are the only place in Western New York where you can find all these services together:

Cannabis Concierge

Have you ever asked yourself, what are the differences between Hemp and Cannabis? Do you know the intricacies of the NYS Medical Marijuana Program, what the qualifying conditions are in NYS, or how to register for you ID card? Maybe you just want to talk to an industry professional about how Cannabis can be utilized in a daily regiment. At Flowered Wellness, we offer a custom consultation service that can start you off on the right path toward understanding how Cannabis can help you. Have a conversation with David Deutsch our President, COFounder, and Cannabis Concierge to better understand where to begin your journey with Cannabis.

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Free Product Consultation

Here at Flowered Wellness, we stand by every product we carry. We also understand that during these strange times we have to offer more to our clients. One of the ways we have adapted is by offering free product consultations. We can help you understand a product you have already purchased, what makes products different from one another, or how to dose properly. Feel free to schedule an appointment. We are glad to help you on your journey with Cannabis.

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NYS Medical Marijuana Certifications

Schedule an appointment for an initial consultation with a registered New York State Medical Marijuana certifying practitioner. Qualified candidates may be certified to receive a Medical Marijuana Program Identification card as well as documentation certifying the patient and allowing them to purchase product from a licensed NYS dispensary.

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Cannabis Infused Skin Care

AJ’s Coastal Bliss District is very eager to educate on the importance of clean product lines and the crucial role that they serve in living long, healthy lives. In an effort to promote healthy living, AJ’s has hand-crafted a plant-based skincare line as a replacement for its widespread and chemically composed counterparts. Working as a prevention aid for your body’s largest organ, these cannabis-infused skincare products that make up their artisanal line, including clay masks mixed on-site, can now be experienced in a variety of skincare-focused services offered at the newest location of AJ’s Coastal Bliss District, located within the Flowered Wellness Cannabis Cooperative of WNY.

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Massage Therapy ,Yoga and Health Coaching

Massage Movement & Wellness- Emily Mrozinski LMT, CSCS, B.S. Exercise Science Massage Therapy and Health Coaching are all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Massage can be an excellent way to help control pain, restore the mind and body, and recover from or prepare for athletic events. Emily specializes in medical massage and improving mobility. Managing stress, sleep, and a healthy diet contribute to your overall wellness.

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Reiki is a Japanese technique using energy, in its purest form, to heal both emotional and physical traumas. It is widely known as “The Healing Touch.”
It promotes relaxation, peace of mind, clarity, self love, love for all life, and puts clients into the present moment as the soothing energy heals chakra blockages and physical ailments. Reiki is not a religious practice.

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