Cannabis Concierge

By Flowered Wellness in Orchard Park, NY

Flowered Wellness in Buffalo, NY is proud to offer WNY’s premier Cannabis Concierge service. Maybe you are new the the NYS Medical Marijuana Program. Perhaps you want to know a reputable place to buy CBD oil online. Whatever help you need, the Flowered Wellness Cannabis Concierge service is your source for all things cannabis.

Understanding your options in the Legal New York State Cannabis market with the ability to ask an industry professional any questions concerning anything Cannabis related. Guidance on how to best utilize the plant in a therapeutic capacity.

We provide comfort and understanding to clients that are looking for a safer, effective, and more holistic alternative to the medications they currently take.  Through this service we can effectively facilitate a referral to one of our holistic wellness partners, certification into the NYS Medical Marijuana Program, or guide a client in a one on one setting toward a high quality hemp derived product.  


Cannabis Concierge

Find out about Cannabis and how it can benefit your wellness plan.

  • Understand what products are available and how they work, proper dosing regimens, and appropriate delivery systems.
  • Learn about the NYS Medical Marijuana Program including qualifying conditions, differences between dispensaries, rules and regulations, what to expect from you practitioner, etc.
  • Get accompanied by an expert to your first dispensary visit.

Complimentary Discovery Session.

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