Keith Kristich

Life Coaching, Mindfulness, and Meditation

Most life coaching practices are aimed at changing external behavior. But Keith’s inside-out spiritual counseling is aimed at creating a healthy relationship with yourself and extending that health to the world. Explore spiritual counseling as a safe way to combat anxiety and stress, take a guided entry into a contemplative practice if you don’t know where to start, and become a fuller version of yourself.

Hi, I’m Keith Kristich and I live in Buffalo, NY with my (amazing) partner and wife, Colleen. I’m a lover of nature, good conversation, and am often found with a book, banjo, or guitar in hand.

During times of quiet in 2009, I found myself meditating by accident! Not understanding what was happening, I immediately began to look into Buddhism (like many, I associated the word “meditation” with the word “Buddhism”).

​Soon after, I rediscovered the mystical teachings and practices within the Christian Contemplative Tradition. I later began to widen my study and practice to understand the contemplative dimensions of many spiritual and religious traditions.

Through deepening study and practice, I ultimately sought out certification in teaching contemplative prayer, centering prayer, meditation, and the Enneagram.

It is now my work to walk alongside those who wish to nourish and deepen their spiritual life and wellbeing through contemplative prayer, meditation, and personality study. This allows me to journey with people in leading retreats, regular contemplative practice groups, and in one-on-one coaching settings, both in person and online.

My ultimate aim is to help people slow down and reconnect with their deepest and truest self.

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