Massage Therapy, Yoga, and Health Coaching

Emily Mrozinski LMT, CSCS, RYT

Customized massage therapy based on your goals. Include movement in your session to improve active strength and flexibility. Whether you use massage for pain management or relaxation, combine the benefits of massage with CBD for the ultimate experience! Click here to schedule an appointment

CBD Infused 60/90 min $100/120
The infused massage experience begins by internally calming the body with Buddha Tea, containing 5mg of CBD. Then, high quality full spectrum CBD oil is used throughout the session to enhance the massage with its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving benefits. You can expect a swedish inspired massage with gliding strokes and moderate pressure, incorporating targeted techniques where necessary.

RESTORE MASSAGE: 60/90 MIN $75/100
Using moderate pressure, gentle stretching, and gliding Swedish massage techniques, the focus is helping to restore balance and relaxation to the body. Recommended for a boost in sleep, recovery, and to reset from a stressful week.

DEEP FASCIA FOCUS: 30/60/90 MIN $50/85/110
Moderate-deep pressure where needed with more robust stretching and extended myofascial release holds. This is both deeply grounding and restorative. Recommended for those with mobility restrictions or “desk posture”

MOVEMENT & MASSAGE: 30/60/90 MIN $45/75/100
Choose to move as part of your session! Session may involve myofascial release techniques, cupping, and functional release techniques combined with active movement off the table. Recommended for athletes or those looking to incorporate more stability or flexibility work in their daily routines. Please wear or bring shorts/sports bra.


Hot Stone Massage +$20
Spot Treatment AJ’s CBD Aches and Pains Cream +$10
Full Body AJ’s CBD Massage Oil +$25
5mg Buddha CBD Tea (Please Specify Before or After Session) +$5

Health Coaching

Zoom call or in-person

60 Minutes – $60
3 Sessions- $150

Look at the big picture of your health! While nutrition is incredibly important, lifestyle aspects such as sleep and stress management play a huge role in appetite, fat burning, and overall quality of life. Emily is a Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach and specializes in creating changes in your life by focusing on behavior change. There are no cleanses, special diets, or “quick fixes”. Shift your perspective and focus on what matters to make positive change in your health. Recommended-1-2 sessions monthly.

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