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Flowered Wellness provides access to top notch wellness providers and holistic cannabis practitioners. Add massage therapy to your wellness living system. Experience the benefits from Hemp, CBD and The Endocannabinoid System at Flowered Wellness today.


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Therapeutic Massage

This service uses a combination of medical massage techniques, mobilization, and firm pressure where needed. This is both deeply grounding and restorative. Recommended for those with mobility restrictions and “desk posture”

Flowered Wellness Massage

Treat yourself to a luxurious experience! We collaborated with Flowered Wellness and AJ’s Coastal Bliss District to provide the botanical massage oil used in this signature service. Enjoy extra hot towels, hot stones incorporated on the back and neck, and high quality hemp-infused jojoba oil (optional). Expect medium to firm pressure and a swedish-inspired massage.

Massage Movement and Wellness

Emily is passionate about helping people take ownership of their wellness. She is a graduate of both the University at Buffalo Exercise Science BS program and the New York Institute of Massage. While working as a massage therapist, she has attained multiple certifications in vinyasa yoga, Functional Range Conditioning, and myofascial release therapy. She also is a certified Precision Nutrition level 1 nutrition coach. Whether through health coaching, mobility programming, or massage therapy, Emily can be your guide on your wellness journey.

Emily Mrozinski

A customized and intuitive approach to healing. Emily is a NYS licensed massage therapist with a background in exercise physiology. Because of this, she works in a way that honors the body’s natural movement. She specializes in medical and sports massage, incorporating techniques from multiple modalities. Clients she has helped include those with autoimmune disorders, chronic pain conditions, and athletes wishing to improve their recovery. Her goal is to create a relaxing and healing environment for you to absorb all the benefits of massage therapy.

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Tanner Dumez

All of Tanner’s experiences and knowledge culminate into his divine craft. He uses both the meditative and listening practices of yoga, combined with the power of touch through massage, to facilitate the best version of healing and guidance down each patient’s path of health and wellness.
Tanner is a passionate and intuitive healer. Since graduating from the New York Institute of Massage in 2016 he has been refining his techniques to bring massage to a new level of care. He gives the practice of massage both the respect and patience that it deserves, while using knowledge from previous years as a yoga instructor to help aid and educate clients on improving strength and balance within the body. Tanner incorporates various pressure techniques and stretches as they are needed to relax and allow for deeper fascia work. He believes that viewing the body as a whole system allows for the ability to offer both physical and subtle energy where he feels it’s needed, personalizing these strategies of growth for each individual patient.

Tanner Dumez

Tanner’s ability to connect with the needs of his clients though the art of touch makes him exceptional in his profession and his desire to provide comfort. After spending time focusing on injuries in chiropractic and massage offices, he is very precise in mixing his knowledge and connection with both medicinal and energetic healing to provide an all around relieving and energizing experience through massage therapy.

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