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Starting in 2014, New York State introduced legislation that permitted the use of Cannabis for medical purposes.  This opened the door for the New York State Department of Health to enact the NYS Medical Marijuana Program in order to provide patients access to medical cannabis. 

Due to the recent implementation of The Cannabis Control Board and The Office of Cannabis Management, the program is undergoing a much needed expansion. Patients now have access to whole flower, up to a 60 day supply of each product purchased, and are waved the $50 registration fee.  

The products sold in NYS dispensaries offer certified individuals a variety of verifiable genetics to choose from as well. Delivery options are available to those that do not have access to transportation or are immobile. Now is the time to begin your journey with a safer and more effective alternative for your suffering.

Flowered Wellness- Cannabis Wellness Collaborative


 At Flowered Wellness your Cannabis Journey begins by clicking “Book Now” below.  Just fill out the short “Discovery Form” to help get us better prepared to speak with you at your scheduled time.  Once we get a better sense of your situation as well as your goals, we can guide you to the next steps of our process with therapeutic Cannabis.  


Begin Your Journey With Discovery

Let our dedicated Nurse Practitioner begin the process by understanding you better.  We prefer to customize our approach to Cannabis Care for all of our clients and we do this by really understanding the individual circumstances and desires of every person we meet with.  Fill out the “Discovery Form” and help us better understand you.



Getting Certified

Be prepared the day of your scheduled consultation for a phone call from our provider.  Have any necessary documentation present and be ready to have an open and honest conversation with a trained professional that is invested in your well being.  This process allows for you to obtain approval for Medical Marijuana.


Initial Certification


Register with NYS

Through the website you can register with New York in order to receive your Medical Program identification card.  Once this card is obtained you are able to access a NYS dispensary at any time in order to purchase your products.

*Re-Registration happens yearly and requires  continued access to your account.

Click the link below if you are an active patient and working with our provider in order to book a follow up appointment 


Follow Up


Access a NYS Dispensary

In Buffalo and across New York there are licensed Medical Marijuana dispensaries that are ready and waiting to help you and guide you to the right Cannabis product.  By meeting with our provider, discovering  your goals, and aligning them with what is available locally, we can really hone in on what can work for you.  Once you have obtained your ID card, have met with our provider and received your recommendation, you are able to purchase Medical Marijuana at a dispensary.  

* Delivery options are currently available across the state


Local Buffalo Medical Cannabis Dispensaries:


The Botanist






Re-Certification Process

Re-certification is required yearly and recommended to be done in advance of patient expiration date in order to maintain current and active documentation.  Please click the link below to book your re-certification consultation with our provider.








Gerald Frisicaro MS/ANP specializes in certifying patients for entry into the New York State Medical Marijuana Program. Jerry has been an advocate for alternative therapies for decades and has fully embraced the emergence of Cannabis based Medicine as an opportunity for a shift in the current standard of care. The Medical Marijuana Program in this state can be cumbersome and confusing to navigate. Jerry provides one of the most patient focused certification processes in the state.

Gerald  Frisicaro- MS/ANP DBA

NYS Medical Cannabis Certifier 



Flowered Wellness

Cannabis Concierge

The help you need…

We provide comfort and understanding to clients that are looking for a safer, effective, and more holistic alternative to the medications they currently take.  Through this service we can effectively facilitate a referral to one of our holistic wellness partners, certification into the NYS Medical Marijuana Program, or guide a client in a one on one setting toward a high quality hemp derived product.  





  • Product Consultation(Hemp/Medical Cannabis)
  • NYS Medical Marijuana Program Preparation
  • Dispensary Overview
  • Endocannabinoid System Education
  • Medical Card Registration Assistance
  • Caregiver Setup Assistance

Office of Cannabis Management

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Enhancements to the NYS Medical Marijuana Program

Here are some key highlights of the newest changes in New York State

  • Patients are no longer limited by a list of qualifying conditions to be eligible for the use of Medical Cannabis. The patients certifying practitioner can use his/her clinical discretion to issue a certification for the medical use of Cannabis.
  • Patients who notice incorrect information on your certification, do not start your registration.  Contact your practitioner to correct the certification.  Starting the registration with incorrect info will significantly slow down the registration approval time and access to a registry ID card.
  • Patients who receive an extension on their active certification do not need to re-register and may continue using their existing registry ID card.  No further action is needed by the caregiver either.
  • Patients no longer need to wait until 30 days before the certification expires to have their certification extended.





Learn about the NYS Medical Marijuana Program including qualifying conditions,

differences between dispensaries, rules and regulations, what to expect from you practitioner, etc. Speak with our certifier and get the help you need.


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