Medical Marijuana Certifications

Gerald Frisicaro MS/ANP

Gerald Frisicaro MS/ANP specializes in certifying patients for entry into the New York State Medical Marijuana Program. Jerry has been an advocate for alternative therapies for decades and has fully embraced the emergence of Cannabis based Medicine as an opportunity for a shift in the current standard of care. The Medical Marijuana Program in this state can be cumbersome and confusing to navigate. Jerry provides one of the most patient focused certification processes in the state. In partnership with Flowered Wellness, Jerry hopes to make this process as easy and efficient as possible. Click here to schedule an appointment

Step 1 Broad Overview

You will begin the process with a brief in person or over the phone conversation with a Flowered Wellness representative to determine if Medical Marijuana may be the right fit for you. At that point an appointment will be scheduled with a Nurse Practitioner.*

*NOTE: An appointment with the Nurse Practitioner does not guarantee entry into the NYS Medical Marijuana Program.

Step 2 Certification

The Nurse Practitioners will take his or her time obtaining a thorough history to determine your eligibility for the Medical Marijuana program. Any concerns regarding the program and your care can be addressed during this visit. Should you be eligible, a recommendation will then be provided for entry into the program.

Step 3 Registration

A Flowered Wellness representative will walk you through the complicated registration process with NYS. A temporary ID card will then be printed so that you can proceed straight to the dispensary if desired. Complete assistance is available for you every step of the way.

Step 4 The Dispensary

Staff work closely with the local dispensaries in collaboration to ensure that the proper treatment is rendered to each patient. Upon arriving to the dispensary, make sure you request to speak with a pharmacist. The pharmacist can coordinate with the recommending practitioner on a custom care option for you.

In addition to the dispensaries, WNY Family and Adult NP PLLC works with neighboring clinics and researchers to facilitate Cannabis becoming the new standard of care.
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