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Starting in 2014, New York State introduced legislation that permitted the use of Cannabis for medical purposes.  This opened the door for the New York State Department of Health to enact the NYS Medical Marijuana Program in order to provide patients access to medical cannabis. 

Due to the recent implementation of The Cannabis Control Board and The Office of Cannabis Management, the program is undergoing a much needed expansion.  Patients will now have access to whole flower, a 60 day supply of medicine, and not be charged $50 dollars for registration.  In the near future home grow will be regulated and patient qualifying conditions will be at the discretion of the certifying Practitioner.  Now is the time to begin your journey with a safer and more effective alternative for your suffering.

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 At Flowered Wellness your Cannabis Journey begins by clicking “Free Discovery Call” below.  Just fill out the short survey to help get us better prepared to speak with you at your scheduled time.  Once we get a better sense of your situation as well as your goals, we can guide you to the next steps of our process with therapeutic Cannabis.


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Let our Trained Cannabis Care Coordinator begin the process by understanding you better.  We prefer to customize our approach to Cannabis Care for all of our clients and we do this by really understanding the individual circumstances and desires of every person we meet with.

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After our discovery call we can better recommend next steps in our process.  Perhaps you are interested in a Hemp derived product, maybe you are looking to become a Medical Marijuana Patient in New York State, we are here to help.


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We like to put our clients in the drivers seat of their own wellness. You decide where to go and what to do, we are simply here to educate, support, and guide you.  Select a product, book a Cannabis Concierge Consultation, become a certified patient, or access one of our many wellness services.  The options are almost endless.


The Journey Continues

With a little education, trial and error, and continued dialogue with our Cannabis Care Support Team, we feel there is a way for anyone to be capable of understanding their bodies relationship with Cannabis in a therapeutic way.

NYS Medical Marijuana Certifiers


Gerald Frisicaro MS/ANP specializes in certifying patients for entry into the New York State Medical Marijuana Program. Jerry has been an advocate for alternative therapies for decades and has fully embraced the emergence of Cannabis based Medicine as an opportunity for a shift in the current standard of care. The Medical Marijuana Program in this state can be cumbersome and confusing to navigate. Jerry provides one of the most patient focused certification processes in the state.

Gerald  Frisicaro- MS/ANP DBA

NYS Medical Cannabis Certifier 

Rita M. Sawyer, CNP is the newest member of our Flowered Wellness team. Rita has dedicated her career to helping addicted patients with chronic physical and mental health disorders achieve a better quality of life through education and medical therapies including the use of Cannabis and Cannabis derivatives. She is committed to using her experience, knowledge, and compassion to help her clients achieve and maintain a healthier, happier, and more comfortable life.

Rita M. Sawyer- CNP DBA

NYS Medical Cannabis Certifier 

David Deutsch

Cannabis Concierge

Co-Founder & Director of Operations


Learn about the NYS Medical Marijuana Program including qualifying conditions, differences between dispensaries, rules and regulations, what to expect from you practitioner, etc. Speak with our Cannabis Concierge and get the help you need.

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