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Starting in 2014, New York State introduced legislation that permitted the use of Cannabis for medical purposes.  This opened the door for the Empire states department of health to enact the NYS Medical Marijuana Program in order to provide access to patients.  Currently, there are a number of qualifying conditions including, but not limited to chronic pain, PTSD, and IBD.  Potentially qualified patients must seek a licensed practitioner in this state in order to be recommended Medical Marijuana legally.  We provide access to licensed practitioners that can help you begin your journey with Cannabis the right way.  

Licensed Cannabis Practitioners are available through Flowered Wellness. Get access to the NYS Medical Marijuana program today.

Step 1 Broad Overview

You can begin by booking an initial consultation with one of our partners in order to assess whether you meet New York States criteria for certification. If you are interested in understanding your options further and want to ask an industry professional specific questions, we recommend booking our Cannabis Concierge Consultation service. Flowered Wellness is here to make this process as easy and stress free as possible. Our Cannabis Concierge can assist you every step of the way. *

*NOTE: An appointment with the Nurse Practitioner does not guarantee entry into the NYS Medical Marijuana Program.

Step 2 Certification

The Nurse Practitioners will take his or her time obtaining a thorough history to determine your eligibility for the Medical Marijuana program. Any concerns regarding the program and your care can be addressed during this visit. Should you be eligible, a recommendation will then be provided for entry into the program.

Step 3 Registration

A Flowered Wellness representative will send you instructions on how to register yourself. Cannabis Concierge clients may request complete assistance with the registration process. Once a patient is registered with New York State, they will be issued a temporary ID card. This triggers a permanent ID card to be mailed to the patients home address. The temporary card may be printed and used to enter a New York State dispensary in combination with a valid NY drivers license, and a signed certification document.

Step 4 The Dispensary

Flowered Wellness works closely with the local dispensaries in collaboration to ensure that the proper treatment is rendered to each patient. Included in our certification process, all patients have access to a Register Nurse Medical Marijuana Case Manager. This person can answer questions related to patient care. All dispensaries employ Pharmacists and technicians that are there to help patients navigate the array of product options. We here at Flowered Wellness are able to assist in this process as well. Ask about our Cannabis Concierge service for details.


Gerald Frisicaro MS/ANP

Gerald Frisicaro MS/ANP specializes in certifying patients for entry into the New York State Medical Marijuana Program. Jerry has been an advocate for alternative therapies for decades and has fully embraced the emergence of Cannabis based Medicine as an opportunity for a shift in the current standard of care. The Medical Marijuana Program in this state can be cumbersome and confusing to navigate. Jerry provides one of the most patient focused certification processes in the state. In partnership with Flowered Wellness, Jerry hopes to make this process as easy and efficient as possible.


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Rita M. Sawyer, CNP

Rita M. Sawyer, CNP is the newest member of our Flowered Wellness team. Rita has dedicated her career to helping addicted patients with chronic physical and mental health disorders achieve a better quality of life through education and medical therapies including the use of Cannabis and Cannabis derivatives. She is committed to using her experience, knowledge, and compassion to help her clients achieve and maintain a healthier, happier, and more comfortable life.



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