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Reiki is a Japanese technique using energy, in its purest form, to heal both emotional and physical traumas. It is widely known as “The Healing Touch.”

It promotes relaxation, peace of mind, clarity, self love, love for all life, and puts clients into the present moment as the soothing energy heals chakra blockages and physical ailments. Reiki is not a religious practice. 

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Sula Reiki

My name is Olivia Zelasko. Despite growing up surrounded by love, I have gone through many emotional and physical traumas in my life. Which led me to “try” Reiki. My Reiki practitioner, Carolyn Musial, told me I was meant to do this, being that I am an empath, and “I feel everything.” And so, she taught me. Since meeting her, my life has become a story I want to read through. A story I’m rooting for. Through the power of manifestation, I have watched my life shift in a way I never imagined. Leaning into love has guided me and allowed me to realign with my highest self, my best self. I would like nothing more than to share this healing experience with you, to help create a space where you can live in joy and abundance.

Information and Booking

Reiki 1 and 2 certifications, Masters in Holy Fire Reiki 3. My journey has just begun, and I will be taking additional masters classes, along with Animal Reiki classes.

$75.00 per 90 minute session. Includes 60 min of Reiki energy treatment and a 30 min consultation.

$50 per 1 hour meditation session.
Dates for meditations will be up soon.

Dates for Reiki 1 & 2 classes will be up soon.
$400 for three consecutive days of classes.

Dates for Holy Fire 3 Reiki master classes will be up soon.
$1,000.00 for three consecutive days of classes.

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Jennifer Marie Healing Arts

Namaste! My name is Jennifer Liberatore. I began my own journey of self healing over 15 years ago with a dedicated yoga practice and by receiving various types of energy work, such as reiki. I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2010, and I am honored to have taught yoga for over a decade, helping students to lift their energy and deepen their spiritual practice. I began reiki training in 2016 with Carolyn Musial, and have since completed Levels 1, 2, Master, and Karuna Master training. I am also certified to teach yoga nidra meditation. Reiki, yoga, and meditation are deeply beneficial, holistic healing tools that help to balance mind, body, and spirit. I am happy to offer a selection of these healing modalities to help clear and balance your energy, and begin your journey of self-healing.

Information and Booking

$75.00 per 90 minute session.

  • 60 min of Reiki healing energy treatment
  • 30 min Consultation

$40 per 45 min session of Reiki healing energy treatment

$65 per 60 min session of private Yoga

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