The Endocannabinoid System is a network of receptors, cannabinoid compounds, and enzymes throughout all mammals bodies help that regulate numerous body functions. Receptors that interact with Cannabinoids are located throughout

Broad Spectrum refers to products that have all of the characteristics of a full spectrum product, but with the THC Cannabinoid removed. These may be ideal for individuals looking to

Isolates are products that contain simply one Cannabinoid. Through an extraction method and further refinement, processors are able to isolate individual compounds to be packaged and sold on their own.

Full spectrum refers to the array of compounds or Cannabinoids present in a final product. Through various extraction methods, processors are able to create multiple forms of Tinctures or extracts.

No, CBD by itself is non psychoactive. Often times there will be products that market themselves as CBD, but will actually be considered Full Spectrum which means it does contain

CBD or Cannabidiol is one out hundreds of compounds present in the Cannabis family of plants. It is effective in providing relief from symptoms like anxiety, inflammation, and pain. CBD

Cannabis in the form of Marijuana is still considered a controlled substance and is in turn illegal Federally. New York State offers access to Medical Marijuana through their program run