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We strive to set a new standard of service by combining the most up to date research incorporated into a nurturing, person-centered, wellness oriented environment. Flowered Wellness offers safe access to Medical Marijuana and other services through a community of practitioners that dedicates their practices to custom care. Our overarching mission is to nurture, empower, and inspire individuals to actively participate in their own wellness. 




Through our understanding of the Endocannabinoid System and access to the highest quality Cannabis products and services, we strive to provide our client with all of the tools and information they need to take the first steps toward improving quality of life. Beyond this, Flowered Wellness offers educational tools virtually, so that anyone can further understand the medicinal benefits of Cannabis and how it may fit into a wellness regimen.


When you walk into Flowered Wellness, we hope it feels like a home. Flowered Wellness provides a warm, comforting, and caring environment that can foster our guests ability to take their wellness in their own hands.

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We serve the greater Buffalo area as the premier Cannabis health and wellness organization by providing education and lifestyle interventions incorporating Full Spectrum Organic Hemp Solutions. We strive to set a new standard of service by combining the most up to date research incorporated into a nurturing, person-centered, wellness oriented environment.


Customized Cannabis Care

Flowered Wellness offers a unique approach to health and wellness never before seen in Western New York.


We originally founded Flowered Wellness in 2018 to educate people about the endocannabinoid system — a network of receptors that impacts a vast array of our body and mind functions — with the overarching mission to nurture, empower, and inspire individuals from all walks of life to participate actively in their own wellness. Our main focus was to provide reliable and up-to-date information on the benefits of cannabis, access to medical marijuana for those who qualify, and high quality, locally sourced organic hemp products.

Founding Members

David Deutsch


David is a driving force of Flowered Wellness. He handles the day-to-day operations and has set his sights on expanding opportunities to reach more people in the greater Buffalo area. David received a degree in occupational therapy as well as psychology, but his background is mainly in hospitality and culinary arts. Becoming a professional server, followed by working as a personal chef, was a dream come true for him until he found a way to combine his knowledge and experience from different industries into one clear concept: Flowered Wellness. Helping people through education and providing holistic and integrative services at the forefront, while applying food knowledge and an exceptional capability to multitask, David exemplifies how the company wishes to serve the people of Western New York.

James Frisicaro


James is a visionary that has devoted his career to educating the public about cannabis health and wellness. For him, co-founding Flowered Wellness was the natural culmination of his personal, professional, and family values. Born into a family of healthcare practitioners — his father is a psychiatric nurse practitioner and his mother is an opioid addiction counselor — he’s always sought a career driven by his empathy for others, understanding of their struggles, and passion for nurturing and caring for those around him. He is the vision and heartbeat behind Flowered Wellness, instilling the love, integrity, and commitment he learned from his grandparents into every aspect of the company. By bringing together the knowledge and skills he acquired through his business administration degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology, along with working in the hospitality industry for the past twenty years, James has positioned Flowered Wellness at the forefront of the local cannabis industry.


Jerry Frisicaro


Jerry is a founding member of Flowered Wellness, an affiliate practitioner who certifies individuals for entry into the New York State Medical Marijuana Program, and the inspiration behind everything the company stands for. His lifelong commitment to helping people through their most difficult times shows through his more than 45 years of experience in the medical field, where he is a nurse practitioner specializing in the treatment of psychiatric disorders and addictions. He has spent the past decade engrossed in the ongoing research exploring the medical advantages of Cannabis therapy, and he is proud to share his knowledge and bring these benefits to others throughout his beloved hometown of Buffalo. Jerry began his career as a medic in the U.S. Air Force. Following his service, he received his bachelor’s degree in nursing from D’Youville College in 1980.



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